The Best Reason To STOP Watching The News! [Videos]

by Ashy to Jazzy in


There is a war for your mind…

If you aren’t aware, might be time to take a look.

It isn’t just a new age thing… it’s been happening since the 60′s (and probably before).

There is a war going on… I’m not talking about the ‘terrorists’… it’s a war for your mind.  Don’t let them win.

Just like the media is at war for your mind, the corporations are at war for your slave labor.  They have successfully created a sociological system that makes people believe that they have freedom, all while enslaved to consumerism and the banking system.

Last but not least, check out this video about how our banking system actually works.  Talk about an eye opener!  

The best hope for making a change is being informed.  Ignorance may be bliss, but the real bliss comes after society has become enlightened.  You are now one of the enlightened ones.  Share this with your friends.  The revolution is here....

 -The Engin33r