[Hip Hop] Album of the day: Mute Speaker "Take Yourself Apart"

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Mute Speaker, the producer from Brighton, UK presents Take Yourself Apart, featuring Chris Clarke, J-Thorn, Gajah, Express Fresh, BeOND, Capsize, Gel Roc & Pause. Mute has three full-lengths of material out : 2010′s Baboon Poetry, 2011′s Smart Bomb, 2012′sPost Block, 2013's Spook Meter EP, Dripfeeders & the collab album with Gajah On & Offspring featuring Shuanise & Open Mike Eagle. 

My intentions of making a proper hip hop album with lots of guest featuring MC’s finally began to come together toward the end of 2013. I was lucky enough to meet LA MC Malkovich whilst travelling in southeast Asia, which led to some great new introductions - most noticeably Chris Clarke, who appears on seven tracks on the album. After becoming a little tired of the current ‘beat scene’, it was always my plan to try and take the music back to what I enjoy the most - dusty, heavy sample based boom bap beats - although there’s always room for a little experimentation along the way.”
— Mute Speaker

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