[Hip Hop] New EP from The Grouch & Eligh: G&E's "TNGHT"

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 New EP from The Grouch & Eligh "TNGHT"

The Grouch & Eligh just might be the hardest working hip hop artists in the game, and they're back with a new EP before their 3-disc album drops. Check out the new EP from G&E, "TNGHT". This 5 track EP is a prelude to their successfully-kickstarted upcoming triple-album "The Tortoise & The Crow". 

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G&E pledged to stand by their fans on this album, and the fans responded with their wallet$. With a goal of $50,000, 1,288 proud G&E supporters pledged $90,729, including underground hip hop celebrity Slug of Atmosphere. 


The 3 disc album features a solo disc from The Grouch, a solo disc from Eligh, and a collaborative disc from G&E. Production includes The Grouch, Eligh, Pretty Lights, Ant (of Atmosphere), Amp Live, Exile, DJ Fresh to name a few. The album is scheduled to drop next month, so be a good independent hip hop fan and cop that shit! G&E^!!!

Peep the video for the first single "All These Lights", featuring Pretty Lights, below. 


Watch the video for The Grouch & Eligh's "All These Lights" ft Pretty Lights

The Grouch & Eligh G&E album The Tortoise and the Crow

G&E - 333

Ashes to Ashes
Run ft. Pigeon John
So Complicated
Hella Fresh ft. Kreayshawn
All These Lights
Fireflies ft. Steve Knight
The Knock
Say Eligh! Say Grouch!
Akfam ft. Blu
People Of The Sun ft. Slightly Stoopid
End Game
The Grouch - Lighthouses

Stuff is Tuff
We Want The World ft. Zumbi, Bicasso, and Tre Nyce
My Garden
Nice To Know Ya
Get Strong
My Best Teacher
When The Love’s Gone
Corey’s Angels
Good Man
Eligh - Nomads

Paid The Price ft. Adam Theiss
Journey ft. Codany Holiday
My God Song
All On You ft. Natalia
Dark Tinted ft. Brevi
Attracted to Pain
The Healer
Morning After ft. Adam Theiss
Walk The Walk ft. The Grouch
A Different Way ft. Ellay Khule
— TRACKLIST-The Grouch & Eligh "The Tortoise & The Crow"