[Hip Hop] Album of the Day: Orrin "Nocturnal"

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Album of the Day: 

produced by Motel XXX, BK Brown, E M P T, DAILON, muramic & Dpat

[Listen] Album of the Day from hip hop artist Orrin "Nocturnal"

Nocturnal on Audiomack | Soundcloud
new visuals for "Water" at youtube.com/watch?v=2Lx3bONUS04
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18-year-old New York rapper Orrin presents his new album Nocturnal featuring production from Motel XXX, BK Brown, E M P T, DAILON, muramic and Dpat. Orrin named his first release Sean Mulligan, after his girlfriend's little brother who inspired him to take rap seriously after hearing him freestyle for fun. His early material was, in his words, “Like boom bap rap. Like Brooklyn rap.” Moving to the suburbs changed all that. “I feel like me being in the suburbs, and being bored, helped me to experiment,” he explains, “and that’s kinda how I found this sound I have now.” Orrin describesNocturnal as "my interpretation of the night and it's influence on the creation process. 'Nocturnal' describes a relationship which never reaches culmination. In 'Shark Fin' I meet said female and she hard to grasp, similar to water. 'Blue Lights' describes a moment where I see this female yet again at a party, but through the commotion we don't communicate, merely observe. On 'Rain' I pantomime, describing myself to the female. This female doesn't drink or smoke, and so in 'Warp' I question the female's perspective; saying she hasn't seen life through a certain kaleidoscope because she hasn't opened herself up to those experiences. 'Deeper' describes an intimate scene with this female. I begin to lose sleep over this female on 'Counting Sheep' imagining her in my world. In 'Blue Dream' I awake to reality. 'Sinking Atlantis' mirrors this desolation. 'Water' is the acceptance of my fate." Orrin has released Nocturnal in conjunction with new visuals in support of his single "Water" (view here). 


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