[Hip Hop] LoDo's Exclusives: A chat with Toronto's own Lex Leosis

by Ashy to Jazzy in

A Talk with Lex Leosis:
her "Snowstorm" series and a new music announcement

Check out LoDo's latest edition to her artist exclusives series where she chats with Toronto-based hip hop artist Lex Leosis. LoDo & Lex chat about her new series The Snowstorm, the creative process & ways to harness creativity, some of her favorite spots to think and write, and an announcement on a new project in the works. We always love hearing new content from Lex Leosis, and this Snowstorm series is official....we give it the aToJ cosign! 

[Watch] LoDo's Exclusives: The Snowstorm with Lex Leosis

LoDo & Lex discussed her current project, the "Snowstorm" series, as the Ice Queen blasts you with a weekly (Wednesday at 12p.m. EST) update of new music and video starting in October through December 31. Check out Part 2 of The Snowstorm Series by Lex Leosis.....

[Watch]   The Snowstorm Series: Lex Leosis "Bueller"

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