[Exclusive Interviews] LoDo's Exclusive Interview: Jamla Record's very own Rapsody

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LoDo's Exclusive Interview with Rapsody


Well, I recently had the honor and pleasure to interview one of my favorite mc's in the hip hop game....yup that's right, Jamla Record's very own Rapsody


For those of you that are still sleeping on Rapsody.....signed with 9th Wonder's Jamla Records, Rapsody entered the hip hop game as a member of the hip hop group Kooley High. She dropped her first album "The Idea of Beautiful" back in 2012. In late 2013, she dropped her DJ Drama-hosted mixtape "She Got Game", which powerfully trumped many full-length studio albums in the 2013 season. Rapsody came out strong in 2013, and she balled on all of yall!

In the interview we discussed the independent hip hop music scene, linking up with super producer 9th Wonder, her recent mixtape (which was doper than most 2013 albums) "She Got Game", influences and role models within hip hop and music, and some of the challenges of being a female in the male-dominated and gender-focused hip hop world. 

Check out LoDo's Interview with mc and hip hop artist Rapsody

Peace up to Rapsody for coming through and chatting with us and 9th Wonder/Jamla Records for helping to put this dope mc on the map! 

If you still haven't copped that FREE mixtape "She Got Game"....WTF are you waiting for, Rapsody dropped that ish for free!!! 

Click here to download She Got Game and get with the program!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of LoDo's interview with Rapsody, where you'll hear a track-by-track breakdown of her recent drop "She Got Game",

LoDo Rapsody hip hop artist mc emcee she got game interview part 2
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