[Exclusive Interviews] LoDo Interviews VA emcee & hip hop artist PHZ-Sicks

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Exclusive Interview with VA emcee/hip hop artist PHZ-Sicks



I had the pleasure to chat with Virginia-native emcee and hip hop artist PHZ-Sicks. Listen to the interview below, where we discuss how PHZ-Sicks got his stage name, the independent hip hop scene and the positive state hip hop is currently in, his love of movies and some of his favorite movies classic and current, his recent album "The Moment", some upcoming video releases, and the importance is steady/gradual growth as an independent artist. PHZ-Sicks is an intelligent dude who's obviously got a lot on his mind, take a listen below and get to know this artist a little better!


LoDo's Interview With VA mc/hip hop artist PHZ-Sicks

Really enjoyed this interview, much love to PHZ-Sicks for coming through! It's always refreshing to chat with intelligent independent artists like PHZ that have more to talk about than how dope they are or which project of theirs you need to listen to (although he is super dope, and you do need to check out "The Moment"). Another example of why hip hop is in such a good place right now (and moving in an even better direction). This independent internet-era movement of hip hop artists and fans are the reason! Demanding more from this thing Hip Hop that we love so much! Much respect to PHZ-Sicks!

Be sure to stop through PHZ-Sicks Bandcamp page here to cop a personally signed and messaged copy of "The Moment" and support the independent movement!!


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