CISPA: farewell to online privacy?

by Ashy to Jazzy

Tomorrow, April 22nd, aToJ will be participating in the CISPA Internet Blackout. If you haven't heard about CISPA by now, you're not alone. Most people have not even heard about CISPA, and many that have don't know any of the details behind it or how it may affect them.

In a nutshell.....

In response to CISPA, many websites will be participating in the CISPA Internet Blackout tomorrow to protest the bill. It is evident that there needs to be an update to outdated laws that are not relevant to the internet age that have not been updated since the 80's. The internet is not the evil place it is made out to be. There is so much good that comes from freedom of information, the ability to connect people, the ability to share ideas, and the ability to educate. Censorship in any form severely weakens societies and our potential for growth  as a culture and as a species. Please, call your local Senators. Urge them to STOP CISPA

You can find the contact information for your state senators here.

aToJ will be participating in the April 22nd CISPA Internet Blackout. An internet without privacy and personal protection is dangerous. We love America, we love our freedoms, and we love this world! aToJ^