New Single - Ponzi Scheme - Workin Class from Daydream EP

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Less than 3 days till the premier of The Workin Class' Sophomore EP 'Daydream', and them boys were kind enough to give us a little preview!  Check out their second single "Ponzi Scheme" and it's lyric video, enjoy!


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NEW MUSIC from The Workin Class! "All So Simple" #ADAN

New track from The Workin Class: "All So Simple" off their upcoming album American Dram/American Nightmare (ADAN)

Check out the first album single release from The Workin Class' upcoming album ADAN, "All So Simple", which features Texas singer Nisha Nandez.

#videooftheday Happy Halloween from the aToJ fam and The Workin Class!

Happy Halloween from the aToJ fam and The Workin Class!!! Celebrate the anniversary of the release of "Two am" and Halloween by spinning this dope track at your Halloween party tonight! 

The new EP from The Workin Class "Daydream" available for FREE download (Orlando hip hop)

The countdown has ended, and Daydream is finally here!!!!! The Workin Class have been working hard in the lab. aToJ is proud to present "Daydream", the sophomore EP from Orlando's hip hop duo The Workin Class. Workin Class uhh-up!!!!!! 

New Single - Ponzi Scheme - Workin Class from Daydream EP

Ponzi Scheme is the second single from The Workin Class EP ‘Daydream’ (out July 4th).  A look at the corrupt record industry, The Workin Class liken the record industry to a 'Ponzi Scheme'.  Check out the all new Lyric Video for Ponzi Scheme! 

NEW MUSIC: Orlando hip hop duo The Workin Class's upcoming EP Daydream

Today marks 1 week until the release of Daydream, The Workin Class's sophomore EP, and to celebrate we've released the official tracklist! Check out the update to see the official tracklist, along with the dope album art (c/o the talented Noah Surratt). Is it July 4 yet? Cause I'm ready for the world to hear some new Workin Class!!!! wC^ aToJ^

Special announcement: Orlando hip hop

A special announcement for The Workin Class's upcoming release "Daydream", the sophomore EP from the Orlando hip hop duo! Don't forget to cop the new EP, which will be available for FREE download at on July 4!

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[Hip Hop] Album of the day: Mute Speaker "Take Yourself Apart"

Album of the Day: Mute Speaker Take Yourself Apart

Check out the hip hop album of the day from UK producer Mute Speaker, which features Chris Clarke, J-Thorn, Gajah, Express Fresh, BeOND, Capsize, Gel Roc & Pause.

#HipHop Song of the day: Dow Timo - Motion Picture

[Hip Hop] Song of the day: Dow Timo's "Motion Picture"

Check out the song of the day from NY emcee Dow Timo "Motion Picture", on the cinematic beat from Beatbusta.

[Hip Hop] SOTD: KVBeats "You Know The Rules"

[Hip Hop] Song of the Day: KVBeats "You Know The Rules"

Today's #SOTD comes from Ill Adrenaline Records' artist KVBeats and features Rashad (of Rashad & Confidence) & DJ Rob Swift. Check the link here to listen to "You Know The Rules".

[Hip Hop] Album of the Day: Orrin "Nocturnal"

[Hip Hop] Album of the Day: Orrin "Nocturnal"

Listen to the album of the day from New York hip hop artist Orrin, where he steps away from his boom bap roots to his suburb influenced album "Nocturnal".

[Hip Hop] Video of the Day: Jabee "Dreams"

[Hip Hop] Video of the Day: Jabee "Dreams"

Watch the video of the day "Dreams" from Oklamhoma hip hop artist Jabee.

[Hip Hop] Video of the Day: Spacesuit Junkies x Roark Bailey "Sleep Alone" #hiphop #VOTD

Hip Hop Video of the Day:
The Spacesuit Junkies x Roark Bailey "Sleep Alone"

Check out the Video of the Day featuring the homie SJayy aka Stevie Zenith and Plex Boogie of the Spacesuit Junkies. 

Beyonce secretly drops an album overnight, the internet loses their sh**

Beyonce drops new self-titled album, aka "The Visual Album"

Beyonce has proven yet again that she is a boss. No promo, no word on an upcoming album....and WHAM! Drops a new 13-track album overnight, breaks iTunes, and sends her fans into a frenzy! Check out her new video here "Drunk In Love" featuring husband Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter. 

[Hip Hop] N.O.L.A. Hip Hop Archive (video)

[The Spotlight] NOLA Hip Hop Archive

Check out the promo video for the New Orleans Hip Hop Archive, coming Spring 2014. In the promo video, you'll see Mystikal, Mannie Fresh, Dee-1, & Quickie Mart

[Hip Hop] #AOTD New album: Phz-Sicks "The Moment"

[The Spotlight] #AOTD

New album from Phz-Sicks "The Moment". Check out the link for the free download of "The Moment" from, or to purchase a personalized signed/messaged copy from PHZ-SICKS bandcamp page. Support the independent artists! 

[Hip Hop] Video of the Day: Endemic - "Cardinal" ft. Darkim Be Allah & Supreme #VOTD

Check out the Video of the Day, Endemic's "Cardinal" featuring Darkim Be Allah & Supreme